THERE published in global supergraphics annual

Posted: 17 February 2020

Posted: 17.02.2020

We are pleased to be recognised in a new publication featuring the best gobal examples of supergraphics signage and wayfinding projects.

THERE feature in a new book from Thames & Hudson compiling over 60 examples of the best environmental graphics and murals from across the world.

Many folk will associate the word “supergraphics” with exhibitions, building facades and art installations. The term is used to describe large-scale graphics, typography and imagery that adorns walls or other large surfaces – but the variety and application of these mega graphics have increased over recent years.

Now, supergraphics are used to brighten up hospital wards, school halls, community centres and public spaces. Clever, intricate wayfinding and graphics lead visitors through train stations and gallery spaces, or huge, illustrative murals make a political statement when printed on the wall of a dilapidated building in a run-down part of a city.

THERE feature in a new book called The Field Guide to Supergraphics: Graphics in the Urban Environment explores the many uses these giant designs now have, with 60 case studies taken from across the world.